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January 1, 2021 - January 31, 2021
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Quantum Receiver Can Detect Huge Swath of the RF Spectrum

Danish DX Group
The object of Danish DX Group is to attract DX-interested radioamateurs in a closer co-operation

W5ABD Westside Amateur Radio Club
The Westside Amateur Radio Club, Inc. is the oldest such club in the New Orleans area. Westwego Lousiana

How to evaluate Choke performance
Antennas/Feed Lines/Choke
If you want to build your own common mode choke, this article explains how to measure the efficiecy of your choke before using it. In the examples has been used Amidon FT240-31 toroids.

Chattanooga-area radio hams seek community during pandemic
After the deaths of two radio amateurs, the Lone Ranger Net was established to check each evening that members were okay

Who is that masked man?
A person wearing a TV-shaped mask left old TVs on more than 50 doorsteps in 2019

RFzero now with FST4W
A new version of the RFzero library has been released. It includes the new FST4W narrow digital mode with its four sub-modes. This enables the RFzero GPS controlled RF source to send FST4W as a stand alone transmitter

March GEO Newsletter available for free download
The March PDF of the GEO Newsletter weather satellite publication produced by the Group for Earth Observation is now available for free download

Australia: Call-sign processing times back on track
Communications regulator ACMA has announced the backlog in issuing Australian amateur radio callsigns has been cleared

COVID-19 situation and YOTA Camps
The IARU Region 1 Youth Working Group have said no youth events will take place before mid-June, those scheduled for later in the year will be reviewed as the pandemic situation evolves

MARS Volunteers Recognized with Gold-Level President’s Volunteer Service Award

A dozen US Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) volunteers have been honored with gold-level recognition for the President’s Volunteer Service Award for 2020.

They are Bob Mims, WA1OEZ; Ron Tomo, KE2UK; Mark Bary, N4EOC; Billy Pearson, KO4XT; Dave Bock, W8OHS; Bob Baker, K5LLF; John Monson, WB0PLW; Gary Geissinger, WA0SPM; Brian Handy, W8JBT; Bliss Wheeler, W7RUG; Jim Hamilton, K4QDF, and...

AMSAT-DL Operators Track Mars Probes

Members of Germany’s AMSAT organization, AMSAT-DL, in cooperation with the Sternwarte Bochum Institute in Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, have been using the institute’s 20-meter (65.6-foot) diameter dish antenna to listen directly to signals from probes in Mars orbit.

Signals have been copied from the Chinese Tianwen-1 and the Hope Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) spacecraft now orbiting Mars ...

ARISS, NASA, and ESA Continue to Probe Amateur Radio Problems on ISS

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) International Chair Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, reports that the ARISS team has been working closely with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) to identify what may have caused what ARISS is calling a “radio anomaly” on January 27. The net result has been an inability to use the NA1SS ham station gear in the ISS Columbus module. For the time ...

Founded in 1958, as the Wolverton & District Radio Club, largely by members of the Diplomatic Wireless Service at Hanslope Park, MKARS now has over 120 members

Two elements Triband Yagi Antenna
This project was originally developed by Markus VE7CA A Portable 2-Element Triband Yagi - PDF Article

BBC Monitoring Service in 1941
In 1941 British Pathe produced a newsreel about the radio monitoring work carried out by the BBC

ICQPODCAST on DMR BrandMeister
The ICQPODCAST now has a DMR BrandMeister Talk Group

NASA to provide update on Perseverance 'firsts' since Mars landing
Since NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover touched down at Jezero Crater Feb. 18, mission controllers have made substantial progress as they prepare the rover for the unpaved road ahead

Approaches to tackle noise problems vary, remedies elusive
RF noise is a frequent discussion topic among radio amateurs. A proliferation of electronics has cluttered and complicated the noise environment; it’s not just power lines anymore

Don't miss your chance to respond to exam consultation
Have you given your views in the RSGB’s consultation on a proposed new, Direct to Full licence exam?


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